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Vision and Approach

Increasingly in Australia, healthcare is being met by multidisciplinary teams who use a selection of appropriate technologies to manage the complex needs of patients. Our vision – improving healthcare through innovative education – mirrors that multi faceted approach.

At HEAL, we’ve adopted the sort of educational principles, structure and course content that reflect the needs of today. To ensure we continue to develop relevant, engaging programs and services that assist healthcare professionals, we work in collaboration with a number of key universities, government departments and other healthcare bodies. We also have accreditation with medical and nursing colleges that allows us to associate the name HEAL with quality training.

The following Vision, Purpose and Values were endorsed by the HEAL Board of Directors on April 2nd 2014


Improving healthcare through innovative education

Purpose (Mission)

To deliver education to health professionals and others engaged in the healthcare industry that is collaborative and responds to identified needs.

We do this by identifying opportunities to develop health care education through staff development, industry experience and knowledge of the market.

HEAL fosters the following attributes:

  • Our not-for-profit status
  • Our autonomy, structural flexibility and adaptability
  • Our capacity for national and international reach
  • Our multidisciplinary approach



Passionate and professional commitment to the accountable delivery of high quality improvements in health education


Enhancing our knowledge and capabilities to identify opportunities in health education


Embracing collaboration and fostering relationships that benefit the health education sector